It is impossible to write a quality essay the first time, because this requires years of training. It can be said by those who have spent a huge amount of time on their own to learn all the intricacies of this process, improving the skill of writing, logic and analysis. But in fact, everything is much simpler, you just need to familiarize yourself with the structure and all the requirements for an essay in order to know how to properly arrange this work.

In order to start writing an essay, you need to have a kind of toolbox, know which one and where to use it. Only in this case your essay will have a finished look and will be akin to a good picture of the master.

However, it is worthwhile to understand that knowing what you will write in the essay is far from the same as knowing the topic of your essay. This means, first of all, that you must work very well on your own introspection. Any of the aspects of your life: motivation, goals, skills, achievements should be as clear as possible. If you are not sure what you are writing, then you are unlikely to be able to convince others. In addition, conducting an introspection means that you should understand what you will focus on in your essay, regardless of the topic. Thirdly, this means that you will have to confirm any characteristic, any statement or fact with a concrete example, a specific detail.

The first and main advice sounds corny: just start writing. When you start writing from scratch, then remember the main rule is “no rules.” This means only one thing: as soon as you start writing, you need to take a blank sheet and write on it all your thoughts and ideas, options for your own positioning, approaches to presentation, and so on, which, in your opinion, will allow you to make your essay special. And do not be afraid, do not compare yourself with others, be distracted and just create.

Next, make an inventory. This exercise is designed to solve one simple problem – get the material with which you will continue to work and no more. The main goal of the exercise is to collect all the necessary facts about your essay with which you will work. During this exercise you do not need to write about any specific qualities, skills, feelings or factors with which you are associated with one or another activity. This exercise should take you at least 20 minutes, but no more than an hour.

Having fully studied the materials of the topic of your research, you can collect enough information with which you can work. You can write essay introduction example to understand where to start, and then let your imagination and creativity go wild. Having correctly prepared for the work process, you can easily write a quality essay.

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