Each student was faced with the task of writing an essay, but many did not know where to start when it came time to get to work. This is due to a lack of knowledge about how to work with an essay, how to search for information, how to analyze and extract only the most important thing. There are a lot of rules and tricks on how you can simplify your work. Many of them have long been known to everyone, but there are also those that are not so obvious.

Start working early if you have enough time. Make it a point to write an essay page every morning. It can be any topic. You can write essay about your family or your morning, it does not matter, the only thing that matters is practice.

If you are sufficiently disciplined and practice this exercise for at least a week, you will be able to use it for the rest of your life, and you will be very pleased. Set an alarm 20 minutes earlier than usual when you get up and put a sheet of paper and a pen next to the bed. In the morning, when you have hardly recovered, take a pen and paper and write everything that comes to your mind regarding your essay. Psychologists have shown that after sleep, the reflexes that restrain the creative flight of thought are much less weak, since the cerebral cortex is still in a sleeping state and we are more likely to create than to reason logically. Namely, this will allow you to get interesting conclusions that will simply be worth its weight in gold in your essay.

For example, you can practice an essay about yourself. Write your favorite 10 films, books, plays, sports, paintings, historical periods, famous people. Now look objectively from the side at what you wrote. You should see a certain picture of your interests, as well as your preferences. This is called the ability to analyze.

You can also train and check your vocabulary by writing out thematic words on the topic of your essay and writing down all the words and phrases that are associated with this keyword. This will help to find new ideas and not to forget old ones.

The exercises and approaches below will allow you, in contrast to the foregoing, to focus on individual points, rather than generalize. However, do not forget to be as open as possible in front of you, as in previous exercises.

Write out a few basic questions that you would like to answer in your essay. These should be questions that fully reveal the topic of your essay. Having decided on the questions, give yourself enough time to give detailed answers to these questions. Thus, you can write a draft version of your essay, then to correct it, supplement it and turn it into a real high-quality and original essay.

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