There are many ways how to speed up work on an essay, how to make the process easier and more painless. These methods were invented by students in the learning process for many years, analyzing the knowledge and their own experience gained in educational institutions. But today there is no need to spend years studying literature to understand how to work on an essay, because all of these methods have long been known to everyone.

For example, the chronology method is a very convenient way of working when you need to write essay for interview or an essay about yourself for a school, university or college. Start with your childhood and any other memories that you have left. Go from class to class, from work to work, write down what lessons life presented you, the painful moments that you had, or the difficulties that met in your way and most importantly, the ones you dealt with.

In addition, many teachers during the interview ask questions that are directly related to one or another period of your life. However, here you need to remember that for subsequent examples in the essay, you should use the latest ideas and achievements.

As a rule, information from your childhood or adolescence can be used to compare it with current information and show how you progressed, how you changed.

Now is the time to list all your accomplishments. Do not be shy. Everything is important, from small to great. Come on, bolder! It can be both personal achievements (I learned self-organization, became more attentive to others), and, of course, “public” (in music, sports, at school, and so on).

Now we list “what we can do best”. We do the same with our skills, knowledge and so on. Do not limit yourself, write freely, on a grand scale. If you get a list of words that are common, then brainstorm each word. Imagine that you defend every word before the judges, and you need to back it up with as many other related words as possible.

If you are having difficulty enumerating skills, then approach from the other side. List the words that you characterize yourself (write them in one column), as well as your colleagues, partners, colleagues, relatives (write in another column). When the operation is completed, see which words are more common. Try to group all the words into specific groups. Now think about how these qualities and characteristics will help you succeed in life.

We do the same for the purposes. These can be both professional goals and personal ones. Do not be afraid to set ambitious goals, fear the unknown and oblivion. Only who never dreams does not win.

At the end of all the above exercises, you should be armed with a huge amount of material, which you will use in the further process of writing an essay.

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